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Carriage Houses of Johnson County, KS

Located in De Soto, Kansas this complex serves as high end hot rod storage, condo garages, recreational vehicle storage and will eventually house up to 16 buildings.

Building 15's package delivered in August of 2023 and site progression is ongoing. Building erection is expected to start in fall of 2023. 

Building 12 was completed in July 2023.

Construction of the 11th building was completed in the fall of 2022 and has a footprint of 61' x 340'. This is the longest of the 11 buildings erected so far.

The 10th building is the only building that features a single slope roof as well as exterior decks and was completed in December of 2021.  

Each structure is approx. 14,000sq./ft. and has a footprint of 61' x 223' (excluding #11).

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