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Walker Foods

Walker Foods is a refrigerated salads, sides, dips and desserts distributer located in North Kansas City, Missouri.

The existing wooden structure around the loading/unloading dock was beginning to show signs of wood rot as well as leaving the unloading area exposed to weather.

Weigel demolished the structure and went back with a galvanized steel frame that will be much stronger and much more resistant to weather. The walls and roof are wrapped in polar white strong seam R-panels. Two new dock levelers and bumpers were added along with a new galvanized stair landing and walk door to replace the old ladder, making this area very accessible. A gutter and downspout were added to help divert rainwater away from the area. We will be adding an additional 20'x30' concrete pad in front of the docks to help ensure a level trailer for trucks backing in to load or unload. 

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